Parade Disbandment info

ATV Parade Entries
If your ATV is not street legal, please drop it off on Spring Street by 4:30 p.m.; park your trailer on 4th Street, between Walnut Ave. and Plum Ave. At the end of the Parade (at Timbermill Drive), you will be allowed to load your ATV, and exit the area by either Walnut or Plum. You will not be allowed to drive on the streets once you have reached the end of the parade.

Horseback Parade Entries
All horses and riders must be dropped off on Spring Street no later than 4:30 p.m. Horse trailers will be directed to Sidney Way, between 3rd and 4th Streets to park until disbandment.
This will allow horse owners to load their horses in an area away from other floats and vehicles. Please exit the downtown area via Walnut Avenue. Horses are not allowed to be ridden on the streets once they have exited the parade.

Children in Parade
Parents please arrange a Pick Up Location with your children before dropping them off at Spring St. Encourage them to stay in groups of TWO or more while walking to the agreed upon spot. The parade ends at Timbermill Dr however that area will be congested and there is no parking there.

Band Buses
Band busses will be allowed to drive down Main Street after the Snowflake Mile run prior to the parade. They will go to Veteran’s Park and wait for students to arrive. Band members will be staging near Cross Fit at 105 Spring Street prior to
the parade.